7 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Polo.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Polo

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Polo. Horse polo was once an elitist sport that only the rich could afford to play. However, it is now more accessible to the average person.

So, why should anyone want to get involved in the sport? This article highlights several essential health benefits of playing polo. Polo can improve your cardiovascular health, help you build stronger muscles, and improve your coordination.

Playing polo has many benefits; aside from obviously burning calories, polo is a team-based sport that grows team play, and coordination, builds core muscles, enhances the ability to strategize, gets you outdoors, and, above all, is a lot of fun.

Polo is a game played on horseback with a wooden stick and a ball. The activity burns plenty of calories as players rush their horses on the field to take control of the ball and score points against opponents – which takes a lot of skill and effort. Polo requires excellent teamwork as players must learn to cooperate with one another in order to win the game. The sport also helps build coordination and core muscle groups while getting people outside in the fresh air – all while being great fun.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Polo

Polo was first played by Persians as a training game for war. Today, polo is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to being a fun and exciting horseback game, polo has many health benefits.

Polo is a great way to improve your coordination, balance, and flexibility. It also strengthens your muscles, increases your stamina, and improves your reflexes.

1.   Polo Improves Hand-eye Coordination.

Polo is a unique sport that combines horseback riding with hitting a ball with long bamboo sticks. It offers numerous health benefits, particularly in terms of improving hand-eye coordination. Players must learn to balance on top of a horse while constantly reaching out to hit the ball, which requires excellent hand-eye coordination.

Polo also dramatically increases upper body strength, among other benefits. So if you’re looking for a challenging and physically demanding sport, polo is definitely for you!

2.   Polo Teaches You To Strategize Against Your Opponents.

Horse polo is an exciting sport that requires quick thinking and strategic planning. Players must be able to anticipate their opponents’ moves, influence their positions, and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

While it takes some time to learn, eventually you will be able to “read” the pitch like a pro. Not only is this a fun skill to have, but it also builds skills that can be applied to everyday life.

3.   Polo Improves Your Posture And Strengthens Your Back.

Playing polo not only gives you a great workout, but it also helps improve your posture and strengthens your core muscles, making you more resistant to injury during other strenuous activities.

When riding, you must stay balanced and be quick to react to the horse’s movements in order to maintain your balance. Exercising the back muscles, lower back, thighs, pelvis, and shoulders, over time will result in better posture.

4.   Polo Is A Beautiful Activity For Weight Loss.

Not only is playing polo a fun way to spend an afternoon, but it’s also a great workout! In fact, a full hour of polo playing can burn just as many calories as half an hour of cycling or jogging. And the more intense the game is, the more calories you’ll burn. So get out there and start riding!

5.   Spend Time Outdoors!

Polo is more than just a sport – it’s a lifestyle that gets you involved in the training and care of your horse. This includes stabling, bathing, grooming, and feeding your horse. All of this activity will cause you to spend hours outdoors, which will ultimately improve your physical and mental health.

Research has shown that spending time around animals reduces human stress levels and improves the immune system, among other things. So not only will you be improving your own health by playing polo, but you’ll also be making a positive impact on the world around you!

6.   Polo Will Boost Your Confidence.

Playing polo offers psychological and emotional benefits that transfer to other areas of life. For example, the trust and care you develop for your horse creates a gratifying feeling of companionship.

In addition, the training you perform to play polo will result in improved performances on the field, and a newfound confidence that will be appreciated by others.

As you learn and improve your skills through practice, you’ll notice an enhancement in the way you carry yourself outside the sport – leading to success in other areas of your life.

7.   You, Will, Meet Lots Of Interesting People.

Making friends is one great perk of getting involved in the sport of polo. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, both locally and from different parts of the globe, who share the same passion for the sport as you do. Since polo is a team sport, many of the people you meet will become friends or even family over time. There’s a lot of camaraderie that comes with being part of a team, and you’re sure to have a great time chatting, playing, and getting to know the people you meet through polo.

In Closing

Polo is an adrenaline-pumping sport that is unlike any other. The game is played at a fast pace and the challenge of outsmarting your opponents gets your blood pumping and releases all of the feel-good hormones that you didn’t know you needed.

Like any other extreme sport, it takes time and effort to play safely. Still, once you get through the initial anxiety and allow yourself to enjoy it, you will find that playing strengthens your body and helps build a firmer, more toned body; plus, it puts you in a better place mentally and emotionally.

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