Purple Martin House Plans (Best Printable Diy Directions)

Purple Martin House Plans (Best Printable Diy Directions)

DIY Purple Martin House Plans, and these plans will give you the materials you need to make a Purple Martin Birdhouse ready for attracting purple martins as well as other backyard birds like woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jays, and more. They’re easy to follow and build! (Purple Martin House Plans (Best Printable Diy Directions)

Materials and Equipment Needed to make this Birdhouse:

  • Wood (redwood, cypress, and pine would make the best choices).
  • Screws: Approximately 1.5″ (4cm) long.
  • Power drill.
  • See(table see or miter saw).
  • Drill bit to match the appropriate entrance hole size.

Making a birdhouse out of paper is an activity that will be fun and affordable to do with our children. This guide shows you just how simple it is to make a purple martin birdhouse.

By attracting these bug-eating birds to your baking, you can have a pest-free summer without having to pay the exterminator! This design has 9 individual compartments that are simple to clean and access. Let’s get started.

Step 1. Prepare the Sides of the Bird House.

Use Figure 1 and Figure 2 to cut two pieces of wood as shown. I’m using cedarwood for all parts of this project. Cedar naturally repels bugs such as termites and cockroaches, so it will not harm your home if you either order a drop-in or have it sent directly to your house when done with assembly!

Step 2. Prepare the inter Doors for the Purple Martin Nesting Box.

Use a spade or Forester bit to made entrance holes between 24 and 26mm in diameter. This size is the optimum entry for purple martins, but chickadees, nuthatches, warblers, woodpeckers, and wrens will also find it comfortable. To attract particular species of birds into your Birdhouse, please read Bird House Hole Size.

Step 3. Prepare the floor

Today we will be carving out 3 pieces of wood.

Step 4. Prepare the Roof

Place two pieces of wood together. By cutting a section of one end at 60 degrees, the pieces should fit perfectly together to create a tight seal. Purple Martin House Plans (Best Printable Diy Directions)

Step 5. Cut out the Long Apartment Dividers.

There are some types of woodworking joints that you can use for your projects. These include:

Step 6. Made the Bird Perches.

From a(1.3cm) diameter wooden dowel, cut four pieces each  (42cm).

Step 7. Prepare the Bird House Platforms.

Cut four pieces of wood.

Step 8. Assemble Your Wooden

Now, use a combination of glue to attach the sides, floors, roof, and bird perches as shown in the above diagrams (attach blue/gray material to red/pink). Best wood glue is recommended to help extend the life of the Birdhouse.

Drill pilot holes at least as large as the minor diameter before inserting your screws. Ideally, you want your pilot holes within 1/64in—(#8) of your desired hole size.

I recommend using steel trim screws, as shown below. The smaller head is few obvious and helps prevent the wood from cutters. If you pre drill the holes, these screws will counter nicely because the head is not much larger than the pilot hole.

Step 9. Hang or mount your Birdhouse.

Every spring, you can watch the birds happily building nests in the trees. How far up should you hang the Birdhouse? Learn how to choose the best mounting height by choosing the tree species below.

Depending on what kind of birds you want to attract, for example, wrens or chickadees, find an appropriate tree with a large diameter within your reach that has potential nesting spots. If a friend has a cherry tree that stretches high into the sky, consider it as well!

Building a birdhouse can be a good family activity. Still moreover, it’s also a great way to get neighborhood birds to move into your yard and raise families, providing you with valuable natural pest control.

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